Nanomaterials Research eConference

NanoMatRes-eCon2023 (Edition1)

12 June 2023 (London GMT+1) and 13 June 2023 (Tokyo GMT+9)

Nanomaterials, Nanostructures, Nanosciences, Materials Sciences, Nanotechnology Applications


Welcome From The Conference Secretariat


 Dear Colleagues, 

The Research Catalyst is privileged to organize Nanomaterials Research eConference (NanoMatRes-eCon2023 (Edition1)) to be held from 12 June 2023 (London GMT+1) and 13 June 2023 (Tokyo GMT+9) Online. The conference aims to share new ideas, possibilities, and the latest technological advances among students, professionals, researchers, scientists, and industrialists in Nanomaterials research and technology to provide better solutions to everyday challenges.

NanoMatRes-eCon2023 (Edition1) provides an advanced online forum for the science and technology of Nanomaterials and their applications. The online conference is expected to foster oral presentations, poster presentations, and private lounge meetings for networking among participants. The conference aims to encourage scientists to present their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible through their presentations. 

The theme of the conference focuses on recent innovations and applications in Nanomaterials technology and includes technical sessions and interactive discussions.

The conference will discuss how polymer research helps in engineering practical systems to help different fields of engineering and science. Major breakthroughs in these fields and the role of Nanomaterials to raise the bar in the scientific field will be the major goal of discussions and sessions at the conference. The conference encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge across multiple disciplines of Nanomaterials technology and includes plenary, keynote lectures, video, and poster presentations.

We look forward to seeing you at NanoMatRes-eCon2023 (Edition1). 

Kris G
Conference Secretary
The Research Catalyst

Invited speakers
Kexin Geng

Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Verjesh Kumar Magotra

Dongguk University, South Korea

Betty Revon Liu

Tzu Chi University, China

Christos Aggelopoulos

Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), Greece

Cataldo Simari

University of Calabria, Italy

Huda Abdullah

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

Sabya Sachi Das

DIT University, India


The registration fee includes access to all conference sessions, a conference participation certificate, and an abstract book (pdf).
Participation to the conference is considered final only once the registration fees have been paid. The number of participants is limited: once the number of paid registrations reaches the maximum number of participants, unpaid registrations will be canceled.

Certificate of Attendance: Upon request, the participants of the event will receive an electronic Certificate of Attendance by email once the event is concluded.

Members of partnering societies will receive a 20% discount on the registration fees. For special discount and group discount requests contact the conference secretariat at:

  • Overview of nanomaterials research: From theory to applications
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials: Advances and challenges
  • Novel nanomaterials for energy applications
  • Nanomaterials for environmental remediation and sustainability
  • Biomedical applications of nanomaterials: From diagnosis to therapy
  • Nanomaterials for water treatment: Opportunities and challenges
  • Nanomaterials in electronics: From transistors to sensors
  • Nanomaterials in photonics: From solar cells to LEDs
  • Nanomaterials in catalysis: Opportunities for sustainable chemistry
  • Safety and toxicity of nanomaterials: From risk assessment to regulation
  • Nano-bio interfaces: Opportunities and challenges
  • Modeling and simulation of nanomaterials: From atomic scale to mesoscale
  • Nanomaterials for advanced manufacturing: From 3D printing to microfluidics
  • Nanomaterials in agriculture: From plant growth to pest control
  • Commercialization and entrepreneurship in nanomaterials research: From lab to market
Conference Schedule

12 JUNE 2023



10:00 AM

High Power Generation with Reducing Agents Using Compost Soil as a Novel Electrocatalyst for Ammonium Fuel Cells

By Magotra Verjesh

Dongguk University, South Korea


10:25 AM

Copper nanoparticle-induced programmed cell death as the bactericidal mechanisms in Escherichia coli

By Betty Revon Liu

Tzu Chi University, China


10:50 AM

Metal and metal oxide nanostructure for sensing and energy application

By Abdullah Huda

Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia


11:15 AM

Multifaceted Theranostic Implications of Functionalized Nano-Biomaterials

By Sabya Sachi Das

DIT University, India


11:40 AM

Individual and Simultaneous removal of Enrofloxacin and Methylene Blue by Halloysite Nanoclay and its Regeneration by Cold Plasma Bubbling

By Christos Aggelopoulos

Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), Greece 


12:05 PM

New nanostructured materials for large-scale, reversible, and durable Direct Air Capture.

By Simari Cataldo

University of Calabria, Italy


12:30 PM

Fluorescent nanoparticle mediating Sterol Carrier Protein siRNA delivery suppresses the growth, development, and reproduction of Helicoverpa armigera

By Kexin Geng

Washington University in St. Louis, USA